Start Date/Time: 27 Sept 2018 / 0900 EDT

End Date/Time:  27 Sept 2018 / 1200 EDT

Window Length: 3 Hours

Outage Length: Approx .25 - .75 Hours

Affected Services: All New York Based Services

Good afternoon,

   Engineers will be performing necessary network maintenance during the above window. This maintenance will be a service impacting event with an outage length of roughly 15-45 minutes. The Team will be performing network capacity and security upgrades. This upgrade will double our current network capacity as well as change our PNAP peering for better routing and latency network wide. Not only will day to day performance be increased, we will be increasing our DDOS protection levels facility wide! The team has carefully planned and prepared for this event to ensure minimal impact to your service. Thank you for your understanding.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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