Game Panel / London - Cheltenham Datacenter Outage - Under investigation - Update - fixed

  • Friday, 20th March, 2020
  • 10:48am

Were aware of a network outage that effected our London - Cheltenham datacenter wich caused all dedicated machines / voice servers / game servers and websites located to be unresponsive, this also effected our game panel access 



ALL services restored, were awaiting confirmation from the DC so we can issue the all clear and normal operations.




Engineers had been called to re-splice fiber interconnects at Telehouse London, this work was ment to to be completed by 14:00 GMT, we are awaiting an update from the remote Engineer



Friday 20th  March

           02:56am First reports of service outage

           03:00  Network Informed and awaiting a response

           08:50  Confirmed partial fix and network connectivity restored

           12:17  Network routing dropped again

           12:22 Network connectivity restored / Intermittant

           12:46 Loss of routing again / intermittant connectivity


  we are currently awaiting an RFO to explain what went wrong and when we can expect a complete fix but early reports appear to be human error in London, City (Telehouse)


we apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.



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