UK OUTAGE - UK WEB Server Raid failure - Update 8th September

  • Wednesday, 8th September, 2021
  • 13:36pm

Were investigating a failure of one of our UK Web Servers that hosted web sites / SQL databases for Game servers in Europe , Redirect services and free redirects


Were waiting on a new raid controller to arrive at the datacenter to attempt to fix/rebuild the raid, But the decision has been made that it looks very unlikely to be successfull so this is an advanced warning ALL websites will be getting moved to new hardware based on remote backups dated the 6th the web team will be in contact with these clients in due course.


Regarding free redirects please open a support ticket we will try and accomodate you with a new service as soon as we have the new hardware up and running


Game server SQL issues such as Arma3, please submit a support ticket requesting you get switched to our "new" profile and confirm you have local backups on the server to be used to import to the newer systems and confirm wich MOD install you require such as Exile / Altis, please also confirm wether youd prefer to keep your old IP:Ports, or if new hardware/IP are ok.

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