17:18: we first notice that certain vlans have gone offline
17:25: we get a ticket in to our UK DC to try and find out whats the reason for outage
17:28: it becomes clear that our Core UK router has a PSU error again and has to be rebooted (the failover psu cant cope with both line cards)
17:43: vlans start coming back online and normal service is resumed

this affected all Game panels, all services in our UK location

While we are doing our best to fix the issues with the core router, its becoming clear we need to replace the equipment and update, with that in mind we have a whole new junipor system we will be moving too over the coming weeks and months, more info to follow in regards to that move. The hardware is already set up and ready to go, but we need to start moving physical machines to a new room at the datacenter in the UK.

Once again we take this oportunity to apologise, we never like to interupt peoples services even when its hardware related, but we are doing everything in our power to get the situation rectified.

Friday, July 6, 2018

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