UK DC moves - at risk period - completed

Dear Customers, For those people already moved to our new racks on the Juniper network "185.251.226" IP rangeWe have to tidy up some power leads and network leads, this will be happening Thursday morning starting at 6am GMT 26th Julythere will be a short 10 second outage on network, and those power supply cables affected the boxes will be ... 閱讀全文 »

24th Jul 2018
New UK DDOS mitigation service Going Live - 19th July - updated - completed

Dear Clients             This is an advanced notification of our new Juniper network DDOS mitigation system is going to be going live tommorrow at some point hopefully we have everything in place first thing in the morning and the swap over of routes will cause minimal downtime, we continue to try and provide the best ... 閱讀全文 »

19th Jul 2018
UK Network outage 06/07/18 : 17:18

17:18: we first notice that certain vlans have gone offline17:25: we get a ticket in to our UK DC to try and find out whats the reason for outage17:28: it becomes clear that our Core UK router has a PSU error again and has to be rebooted (the failover psu cant cope with both line cards)17:43: vlans start coming back online and normal service is ... 閱讀全文 »

6th Jul 2018