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Full Moon Configuration for DayZ Reality at night. 


GamingDeluxe Dayz Private Hive servers can be run at local times or have static times set. This means that the servers by default will have a GMT Time Zone and will follow the patterns of night and day.

This is a guide that is aimed at helping you to configure your game server to run with the night time settings which will allow you to see easier at night with the full moon.


Step One:

You will need to login to the GamingDeluxe Control Panel on clicking on the link below will bring you to the following page.


Control Panel for DayZ Private Servers

Once logged in it will bring you to a screen that should look like the following.


Dayz Private Servers


Step Two: 

Proceed to click on the button in the sub menu that is labled Game Services, It should bring you to the following page.


Dayz Private Hive Game Servers

Then Click on the Configuration Files button which will bring you to the following page.

Dayz Private Hive Servers


Step Three:

Once you have reached the Configuration Files page it will display several default config files. Which will show up a few configurations which all provide a different part for the service, these will be explained in more detail on each step of the configuration of your server.

For the Full Moon Phase at night time on our Dayz Private Hive Server you will need to click on the "dayz_01.chernarus\HiveExt.ini" Text Editor Button this will bring you to the main Hive configuration file.

It should look like this. 

Dayz Private Hive Servers


Step Four:

Under the [Date] section of the configuration it should be showing this Section. ( default config )



;Possible values: Local, Static

Type = Local

;If using Static type, the year/month/date to set the date to

;Year = 2012

;Month = 1

;Date = 1"


The Configuration needs to be changed from the above to the following


;Possible values: Local, Static

type = static

;If using Static type, the year/month/date to set the date to

Year = 2014

Month = 08

Date = 21


Congratulations you have successfully configured your server to a constant full moon cycle on your Private Hive Server Powered by Gaming Deluxe, We are constantly striving to make things as simple as we possible can if you have any suggestions or would like any other guides to be setup please open a support ticket..

We hope you enjoy your stay with GamingDeluxe.co.uk and enjoy the lag free gaming we provide.





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