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Help I have lost my Dayz Private Hive Server password. 


Help I have lost my Private Hive Server password and can't login to phpMyAdmin? If you have missplaced or lost your password that was emailed to do you from the gamingdeluxe.co.uk system this is how to retreive the login information. 

Don't worry the password is saved on the servers HiveExt.ini file Here is how to retreive this. 


Step 1:

You will need to login to your tcadmin control panel by going to the following link. 

Link: https://cpdeluxe.com/

This should bring you to the screen bellow 

Dayz Private Hive Servers

Step 2:

place in your Control Panel login information including the capture code and the bottom then click on login.

Dayz Private Hive Servers


Once logged in the control panel. You will see this screen. 


Dayz Private Hive Game Servers


Then click on Game Services which should bring you to this window. 

Dayz Private Hive Servers


Step 3:

Once you have reached the Game Services screen, Click on the Configuration Files button which will show the following options

Dayz Private Hive Servers

Then locate the following line dayz_01.chernarus\HiveExt.ini line then click on Text Editor. Which should bring you to the following config file.


Dayz Private Hive Servers

Step 4:

Here is where your Dayz Hive login information will be located. under the [Database] Section

Dayz Private Hive Server

Your information should be here, If you have any issues please contact Gaming Deluxe Support Team. 

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