UK Network Outage 13/03/18 - Update - Resolved

12:24 GMT:- Were investigating the cause of a network outage effecting our UK datacenter, more info to follow when we have it.This Effected routing to ALL UK Dedicated servers , and the Game panel, we apologise for this temporary loss of service12:34 GMT:- Routing came back as did the Game panel, nothing back from network at this stageUpdate ... Read More... »

13th Mar 2018 | [RESOLVED]

We Apologise for the current downtime being experienced by people using the German TS3 server and service users affected on IP range: There appears to be a hardware fault on this unit, were awaiting a responce/reply from Datacenter staff at the German site for an update, we hope to have services resume as soon as possible, ... Read More... »

26th Feb 2018
Germany Maintenance

Hello all,We have just received advice that our German Datacenter will be performing some work on their core routing equipment, this will only affect anyone in our Germany location.-----Window of operation:Start: Thursday, March 1st 2018 @ 1amEnd: Thursday, March 1st 2018 @ 5am As part of the maintenance, we will perform a software update and ... Read More... »

20th Feb 2018
NYC Scheduled Core Network Maintenance

Start: 2018-02-07 4AM GMTEnd: 2018-02-07 6AM GMTWindow: 2 hoursOutage: 30 minutesImpacting some of our services in the NEW YORK location only.Our team will be performing installation of new core networking equipment. This equipment will allow us to greatly increase our capacity and improve performance in our NYC location. In addition to increase ... Read More... »

4th Feb 2018
NY: Buffalo UPS Emergency maintenance - 02-03-2018

UPS Maintenance Severity: Critical   Please note that all devices located in this zone may be impacted  Time Frame  Start Time: 02-03-2018 8:00 AM  End Time: 02-03-2018 3:00 PM   Description of the problem:  The static bypass switch is inoperable. The static bypass switch is a hardware component which automatically shifts the UPS ... Read More... »

2nd Feb 2018
[COMPLETED] In House Webserver

Hello all,---Diagnostics have been completed, and some maintenance was undertaken. The server appears stable again, but we will continue to monitor, please get in touch if you have any troubles or questions.---We may have uncovered a hard drive issue on our in house webserver, residing on the server named defiant.As a result, we will require to ... Read More... »

8th Jan 2018
Email Tickets

Hello all,Due to a mail server error, some tickets over the past few weeks had not been fully delivered to us, any replies made via the client area were unaffectedToday, we issued a fix, and as a result had a small number of tickets dumped in to the system, as they were dated today, they have been logged as today, even though actual send dates ... Read More... »

4th Jan 2018
[RESOLVED] Germany Issues

Hello all,

It would appear our German datacenter has gone offline, including the contact point for the datacenter.

Maintenance was scheduled but should not have affected any machines in our racks, we will update this announcement with any further developments as required

Apologies for any inconvenience

The GamingDeluxe Team

18th Dec 2017
[RESOLVED] UK Connection Issues - Virgin fibre issues

Dear Customers----RESOLVED - 2017-11-20 16:54 GMTThe issue was caused by a faulty firmware patch within the Virgin Media network, the circuits stayed up but BGP and CCC sessions were being corrupted, causing them to drop and rebuild, taking 1-2 minutes each time.The hardware has since been updated and the issue appears to be resolved.Thank you for ... Read More... »

20th Nov 2017
FIXED - Slow billing login times

Migration has been completed and issues resolved!---We've encountered a problem with the external host, they have been bought out by a larger company and the consistancy of the hardware needs of our site has fallen short ever sinceand as such we are moving all our external sites to new hardware elsewhere to combat this issue, we appreciate your ... Read More... »

10th Nov 2017