[COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance for UK DDOS mitigation systems effecting (UK Cheltenham) 15.11.2019

  Kindly note that we will undertake a mandatory maintenance on the network equipment used for  Anti-DDoS Tunnel #34182 in London Telehouse. This intervention is done in order to upgrade the firmware and will require a network equipment restart. Taking that into consideration, we expect a service disruption of maximum 30 minutes.   We will ... Читать далі »

12th Nov 2019
[Completed] Scheduled Maintenance for UK DDOS mitigation systems effecting (UK Cheltenham)

We have encountered a rare software issue on one of our network aggregators. The traffic is not affected, but the bug affects the management of the equipment. We are working with our vendor to find a permanent fix. For now the only solution is a firmware upgrade which require a hardware reset that will affect the customers directly connected to ... Читать далі »

5th Sep 2019
[Completed] Scheduled Downtime Datacenter upgrades effecting (Germany) - EXTENDED

--------------------------------------- Update #1 Due to some incidents the maintenance will be extended 18.09.2019 12:00BST ---------------------------------------   We would like to inform you about a planned maintenance on your server.  The maintenance will take place from 17.09.2019 to 18.09.2019 and will probably last 8 hours. Start ... Читать далі »

4th Sep 2019
[Completed] Scheduled Downtime Datacenter upgrades effecting (UK - Cheltenham)

Notification of Planned Work Hi, We need to let you know about some maintenance work that will be taking place on our network, as detailed below. Date of Issue 03/09/2019 Planned Work Ref CAL0187827 Planned Work Start (Local UK): 10/09/2019 22:00 Planned Work End (Local UK): 11/09/2019 ... Читать далі »

3rd Sep 2019
[Completed] LA Network Maintenance scheduled 17th July 2019

Scheduled Network Maintenance - LA Start Date/Time: 17 July 19 / 1200 PST End Date/Time: 17 July 19 / 1400 PST Window Length: 2.0 Hour(s) Outage Length: No anticipated outage Affected Services: LA Network Services Scheduled Core Network Maintenance – LA Our engineers will be performing necessary network maintenance during the above window ... Читать далі »

9th Jul 2019
Website downtime

Dear Customers   We are working hard to fix issues with the webserver, after some wordpress updates certain plugins are causing instability so we are taking this moment to wipe the slate clean and start fresh to rectify this performance issue. In the meantime we apologise for the inconvenience caused.   You can access your game/voice  ... Читать далі »

22nd May 2019
USA Game panel issues - under investigation - update 1

Dear Clients effected boxes are in Dallas / Miami / LA.  It has come to our attention that  certain machines in the USA keep losing connection with the game panel, were investigating this issue now,  we apologise for the loss of access and are trying to diagnose the issue. Network issues have been investigated and ruled out,  as has ddos ... Читать далі »

25th Apr 2019
UK TS3 Servers - stability issues - fixed

Dear Clients Monday morning at 2:00am GMT Our UK ts3 servers were adversley effected by windows critical updates, as soon as we had spotted the issue we did our best to get them back online the next day by lunchtime, we apologise for this long period of inconvience it was purely a firewall issue. We believe due to this earlier issue, the ... Читать далі »

26th Mar 2019
Steam update broke my Arma 3 server - Fixed

Dear ClientsIt appears there has been a game breaking update to arma3 that has not been rolled back, so for the time being alot of you will need to sit and wait for their hotfix, more info here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/220618-update-186-verify-signatures/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-3327107We apologise for this inconvenience ... Читать далі »

4th Dec 2018
Miami network upgrade - completed!

Event Type: Network Upgrade Start Time: 2018-Nov-17 - 03:00:00 PM EST (15:00) End Time: 2018-Nov-18 - 03:00:00 AM EST (03:00) Location(s): Miami, Florida Data Center Event Summary: We will be migrating one or more of your servers to our new network in Miami, Florida. We do not expect downtime to last the entire maintenance period.This work has ... Читать далі »

14th Nov 2018