UK Outage Friday March 20th - RFO (Reason For Outage) - Fixed/Completed Work

  • 25th March 2020
RFO Outage Date: Friday, 20 March 2020 DataCenter Location: Saxon House, Cheltenham Description: We have experienced intermittent connectivity to our router in Telehouse North. During this time our support portal, and our phone system dropped offline, despite being connected via our out-ofband connection. There were two unrelated faults, SSE ...
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Game Panel / London - Cheltenham Datacenter Outage - Under investigation - Update - fixed

  • 20th March 2020
Were aware of a network outage that effected our London - Cheltenham datacenter wich caused all dedicated machines / voice servers / game servers and websites located to be unresponsive, this also effected our game panel access    UPDATE 2* ALL services restored, were awaiting confirmation from the DC so we can issue the all clear and normal ...
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